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Let's Make Great Music Together

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All Together Now

May 11, 2023. Newman Center for the Performing Arts

Save the Date

We are so excited to announce ETM-CO’s second All Together Now Festival!
This is guaranteed to be an extraordinary artistic and relational experience for our talented students as well as uplifting and exciting for our audience.

Starting at 5:30 pm on May 11 at the prestigious Newman Center for the Performing Arts, a selection of students from all of our partner schools will join together for a full day of rehearsals, workshops and a performance with professional musicians Old Man Saxon and the Pink Hawks. Boss Eagle will return as our dynamic emcee.

So don’t make other plans for May 11th! Our students are already working with their music teachers to make this day unforgettable!

The Inaugural Festival

On May 11, 2022, more than one hundred young students performed on stage at the Newman Center for the ETM-CO’s Inaugural Festival. Thank you so much to Boss Eagle for emceeing, The Reminders for the electric performance, to Wanda Vasquez Garcia for the conducting.

WATCH the most exciting moments of the first edition!