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Let's Make Great Music Together

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Partner Schools

Colorado Partnerships

Our 2021-2022 Partnership Schools

Center for Talent Development at Greenlee
1150 Lipan St.
Denver, CO 80204
Principal: Sheldon Reynolds
Partner since: August 2019

Trevista at Horace Mann
4130 Navajo St.
Denver, CO 80211
Principal: Jessica Mullins
Partner since: August 2019

Whittier ECE-8 Elementary
2480 N Downing St
Denver, CO 80205
Principal: Lynette Hall-Jones
Partner since: August 2021

Columbian Elementary
2925 W. 40th
Denver, CO 80211
Principal: Benita Cervantes
Partner since: August 2021

Hallett Academy
2950 Jasmine St.
Denver, CO 80207
Principal: Dominique Jefferson
Partner since: August 2021

Oakland Elementary
4580 Dearborn St
Denver, CO 80239
Principal: Gabriela Quiroga-Beck
Partner since: August 2020

Colfax Elementary
1526 Tennyson St.
Denver, CO 80204
Principal: Michelle Koyama
Partner since: August 2021

With these partnerships, ETM-Colorado will be providing high-quality music education programming for nearly 2,000 students.

School Partnerships

We form partnerships with low-income elementary and middle schools that lack the resources for school-wide music programs. ETM-CO provides music instruction on a regular basis as a core subject in its own right and as a means of supporting learning in other areas.  

Schools interested in a partnership should be able to:

  • demonstrate that the school leadership, staff, and parents are committed to a school-wide music program,
  • show a multi-year commitment and vision towards building sustainability of their music program,
  • identify a designated music space,
  • draft a schedule which incorporates weekly music instruction as part of the school day for every student, including those with special needs, and
  • commit to contributing a portion of the cost of the program  

Should your school be interested in pursuing a partnership with ETM-CO, please complete this application.