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ETM-CO Festival | May 11, 2023 | Newman Center for the Performing Arts (Denver)

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After months of rehearsals, more than one hundred students from all of our partner schools joined together for a full day of workshops and a final performance with professional musicians Boss Eagle, Old Man Saxon and Pink Hawks. During the event, one of Colorado’s most celebrated singers, Hazel Miller, and the legendary music entrepreneur, Chuck Morris, received ETM-CO Awards for their outstanding contributions to promoting a dynamic music industry in Colorado.

The Festival Stars

Discover here the music artists and professionals who were on stage together with our students!

Boss Eagle


Boss Eagle

Boss Eagle YouTube channel

Old Man Saxon


Old Man Saxon

Old Man Saxon YouTube channel

Pink Hawks


Pink Hawks

Pink Hawks YouTube channel

Ally Olson


Ally Olson

Ally Olson LinkedIn profile


Our Music Heroes in Colorado

In keeping with its mission to spread the uplifting and unifying power of music, Education Through Music-Colorado has chosen to honor two icons of Colorado’s musical scene. These two people have blended the artistic and passionate side of music with productive, entrepreneurial and educational programs. One of Colorado’s most celebrated singers, Hazel Miller, and the legendary music promoter, Chuck Morris, received ETM-CO’s Inaugural Music Awards during the 2023 FESTIVAL for their outstanding contribution to promoting a diverse, inclusive and dynamic music industry in Colorado.

Hazel Miller


In 1984, while relocating from her hometown of Louisville to Los Angeles with her two children, Hazel Miller’s rental truck broke down in Denver. She decided to stay and we are still grateful for that flat tire. Hazel has an incredibly successful career as a blues, pop and gospel singer. They call her “a force of nature,” with a voice that is “‘stunning, moving and powerful.” She has brought her music to Latin America, Europe, Middle and Far East. She has performed on the most prestigious stages in the United States, like our enchanting Red Rocks Amphitheater, and sung for three sitting Presidents.
Our students awarded Hazel Miller for having made music an instrument of love, inclusion and hope. And if you wonder how much Coloradans love Hazel: her recorded voice greets visitors taking the train to the Denver Airport…

Chuck Morris


The Colorado Music Hall of Fame inducted Chuck Morris into the Hall with these words: “A pioneering concert promoter and prolific artist manager, Chuck Morris stands as a pillar of Colorado’s music scene.” His heroic career in the music industry began in 1968 and, for over 50 years, Chuck’s entrepreneurial and visionary genius has marked the biggest music events in Colorado. We owe him some of the most unforgettable performances by national and international artists, as well as the creation, renovation and management of the most prestigious venues in our state. Among the many academic positions held, Chuck is today Director of the Music Business Program at Colorado State University. Our students awarded Chuck Morris for having made Colorado a great stage for culture and entertainment.

The Inaugural Festival

Discover the 2022 First Edition

On May 11, 2022, more than one hundred young students performed on stage at the Newman Center for the ETM-CO’s Inaugural Festival. Thank you so much to Boss Eagle for emceeing, The Reminders for the electric performance, to Wanda Vasquez Garcia for the conducting.

Enjoy the video with the most exciting moments of the first edition!