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Tyler Klopenstine

I am lucky to be a Colorado native. I grew up in Colorado Springs and went to college at CU in Boulder. At CU, I studied music education and saxophone performance. I played in jazz band, the Golden Buffalo marching band, Wind Symphony, and the Neutral Density Saxophone Quartet. Aside from saxophone, I love to sing, play piano, and ukulele!

Music has taken me to amazing places. I’ve played at Boettcher Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and various college concert halls. My teaching experience has been even more fulfilling, including K-5 general music, middle school band, high school marching band, and private piano lessons. I have a heart full of joy and gratitude at the opportunity to rebuild the music program at Dora Moore ECE-8.

Music allowed me to find my purpose and gave me the tools for self expression and self discovery. What music did for me should be available to every student, everywhere. Music molded me into a lifelong learner who appreciates curiosity, beauty, expression, and technique. Music can speak where words cannot and express our deepest emotions. In the uncertainty and turmoil of today’s world, music can give us all the tools to cope and come together. Leonard Bernstein said it best. “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” If we are to give the next generation our best, we must give them music.